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Del 28 Octubre 2016 al 30 Octubre 2016


With the placement of the clock one hour back, begin the winter time. The last chance to travel in one ...

Del 28 Octubre 2016 al 06 Noviembre 2016

All Saint’s Days

The devotion of the people of Naples for the died people was and still is strong and heartfelt. This relationship ...

Del 02 Diciembre 2016 al 11 Diciembre 2016

The Conception’s celebration

Italian Christmas period begins with The Conception’s celebration . The town is full decorated with Christmas trees and colored lights ...

Del 12 Diciembre 2016 al 22 Diciembre 2016

Christmas little shops

The most important part of Neapolitan Christmas tradition is represented by its crib. This tradition is so well-established that each ...

Del 23 Diciembre 2016 al 26 Diciembre 2016

Christmas’s eve and Christmas’s day

The Christmas atmosphere, you know, is sweet wherever you are for it entails a very strong emotional charge. However spending ...

Del 27 Diciembre 2016 al 01 Enero 2017

The end and the newYear’s celebration at Naples

An original choice is defninetely to celebrate the end and the beginning of the year at Naples. Naples is a ...

Del 01 Enero 2017 al 07 Enero 2017

The Epiphany

According to this popular tradition, coinciding with the religious celebration of the gifts given to the newborn Christ, a not ...

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